Teachers’s Emotions and Wellbeing -workshop

Name:Teachers’s Emotions and Wellbeing -workshop 

Description: The workshop has been piloted with teacher students in teacher education programme in Haaga-Helia 

The learning outcomes of the workshop are:  

  • to understand the importance of teachers’ emotions in teaching situations  
  • to become aware of the importance of teacher’s wellbeing and how to support it 

Working in the workshop is organized to follow ‘think-pair-share’ –process. Also drama pedagogical methods can be used 

  • think alone (drama walk) 
  • talk with your pair 
  • share in a team of three or four persons 
  • discuss wellbeing; what do you do for your wellbeing, what is done in teacher communities 
  • create table of ‘golden rules’ for teacher’s wellbeing 


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DOI 10.1007/s13384-013-0129-5 

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Contact person: Liisa Vanhanen-Nuutinen, Haaga-Helia