We here at Jamk University of Applied Sciences have produced five videos to help you explore a variety of themes that belong to integration. You will learn more about the Finnish education system, working life, Finnish culture and history, and the rights and obligations of citizens in Finnish society. Just click on the pages on top and begin the journey.

Jamk offers an elective course Integration into the Finnish Society (2 ECTS) in the autumn semesters, which deals with similar themes. It is also available via open studies. There, you will be able to discuss with Paul Abbey, visitors and other students the aspects, challenges and successes of integration.

The scripts and content were mainly written by Paul Abbey. The videos were filmed and edited by Ronan Browne. On the videos you may see some of the students and staff of Jamk’s Degree Programme in International Business. Please do not use the materials in violation of copyright. Jamk owns all the rights to the videos.

Please contact us if you would like to provide feedback or comment on the videos.

We hope you learn a lot about Finnish society on our site!

Warm regards,
on behalf of the Virtual Integrator and Talent Boost teams,

Piia Hynynen

Material progressed

Material progressed