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Recording your teaching practice is part of your studies at AOKK. For recording you can use your own devices or e.g. lend devices from your own organization.

When the recording is done, the video will be uploaded to JAMK’s Panopto videoplatform where your peers can watch it and comment on it.


Uploading the video to Panopto 

Videotutorial: How to upload your video

  1. Upload the video to the Assignment-folder.
  2. Tell your peers and your teacher that the video is now available.


Commenting and analyzing

You can comment and analyze the videos on the Discussions-tab of the video watchpage. When you click on a comment, the videoplayer will jump to the timestamp when the comment was written.

Panopto will not notify anybody when new comments are made. When you have commented on a video, it is probably best to notify the relevant parties that comments have now been added.

How can an external mentor watch videos on Panopto?

  • When you have uploaded the video to the Assignment-folder, you can use the Share-button to share the video to external party by email.
  • NB. external people without JAMK-login can only watch videos, not comment on them.


How to choose a recording device 

For recording you can use e.g. a mobile phone, an ipad, a video camera or a computer.

  1. The recording quality is probably better if you use a for recording something else than a computer.
  2. The Panopto-recording software is a good choice when you need to record two different video angles. It is also preferable to use external webcams and a external microphone, for the quality to be good.
  3. If you can lend a modern video camera from somewhere, you will likely be able to record a bigger group of people than by recording with a mobile device.
  4. If you are doing your teaching practice in Zoom or Teams, record the session through their recording functions.
  5. The best device is the one you can use and the one you have access to.
  6. Do not forget to test you device ain the real environment. For example, if you are recording in a classroom, please test in the same classroom if you can get the audio recorded in the whole room.


Recording with a mobile device (phone, ipad etc.)

  1. Get yourself a tripod, or DIY. (Example on Youtube)
  2. Check free space on device.
    1. On Apple-devices 1h video takes about 10GB of space (that’s a lot).
    2. Video size varies on Android-devices.
    3. You can do as follows: Record a 1h video, then remove it. Now you know that you have 1h of space.
  3. Make sure the battery will last.
  4. Record with the standard camera app of the device.


  1. When the recording is done, got to  (The page will suggest that you instasll the Panopto app on the device, you can skip it.)
  2. Login.
  3. Upload the videos to the Assignment-folder.
  4. Uploading the recordings straigth from the mobile device can be slow, use WIFI when possible.
  5. If you have a slow internet and the files seem to large to be sent to the Panopto website, put the video files on the computer andn convert them to smaller sizes if neccessary. Check the Handbrake tutorial on this page.


Recording with the Panopto-recorder software

  1. Download and install the Panopto-recorder software to your personal computer by going toi and clicking Download Panopto from the upper right corner.
  2. Use an external webcam and e.g. conference microphone (Jabra or something else), if you want better quality audio.
  3. In the Panopto-recorder remember to choose as a destination for the recording the Assignment-folder.
  4. Watch tutorial: Using the Panopto Recorder


Recording with Zoom

During COVID much of teaching happens through Zoom (or Teams etc).

  1. In your Zoom meeting choose -> Record -> Record to the cloud
  2. Download the Zoom video to your own computer
  3. Upload the video file to Panopto
  4. Watch tutorial: Recording with Zoom and transfering to Panopto


Handbrake: Video conversion and compression

You you convert video files to a smaller size and better format with the Handbrake software. Handbrake is free and open-source, it runs on Windows, MacOS and Linuz. Download Handbrake.

Watch tutorial on how to convert video files with Handbrake.


Video editing in Panopto

You can easily remove parts of a video with the video editor found on the Panopto website.


How do I film video with two video angles and put it to Panopto?

Option 1

  1. Film with two devices, e.g. one ipad and one phone.
  2. Try starting recording on both devices at the same time. (It is not feasible to do this perfectly.)
  3. Upload the videos to Panopto to the same session. The videos will play simultaneously in the session and will be relatively in sync if you managed to start the recording at the same time on both devices.
  4. If the videos are not in sync enough, it is possible to adjust the sync in the Panopto video editor.

Option 2 

  1. Film two camera angles with two devices. You can even use a third device to record the audio.
  2. Install DaVinci Resolve 17  video editor on your computer. (It’s free.)
  3. Combine the videos in DaVinci Resolve.
  4. Contact when you need help with this.
  5. Upload the video to Panopto.


Test if the internal microphone of your device is enough to record the audio.

If it appears that the internal microphone of e.g. your mobile phone is not enough, then you need an external microphone that is attachable to your recording device.

Alernatively, you can record the audio with a digital audio recorder or other device, and merge the video with the audio afterwards in a video editor. E.g. the free DaVinci Resolve 17 can automatically sync video with an audio file.

  • Use the microphone you have access to, or can get hold of.
  • A few examples of good USB-microphones -mikrofoneista
    • Blue Yeti usb-mikrofoni
    • Jabra 710 usb-mikrofoni (Kaksi tällaista laitetta voi yhdistää toisiinsa, näin katat suuremman alueen.
    • Catchbox Plus



What is a Panopto-session?

The videos that are in Panopto are called sessions, the reason is that one session can contain many videos (e.g. many camera angles).


Is the Panopto-application useful on the mobile device?

There is indeed a Panopto app for Androidille and iOS, but it is currently not of much use since one cannot record with it.


What is the difference between Panopto and the Panopto Recorder?

With ”Panopto” we usually mean the Panopto-website and with ”Panopto Recorder” we mean the separate Panopto software that can be installed on your computer with which you can record videos. (The recorder name  is actually also only ”Panopto”…)