Welcome to the Soitava.fi website!

Soitava.fi is a free and open tool for everyone interested in utilizing music and applying the methods tested in the MUS&TE project, aimed at professionals. The website is intended to lower the barrier for incorporating the well-being effects of music into the everyday practices of the healthcare field, utilizing digital technology. Some of the materials can also be found in English.

From the website, you can find, among others:

  • Instructions and instructional videos for various therapeutic methods.
  • Composed music for practical implementations of breathing exercises.
  • Exercises for emotion-focused music work.
  • A communal songbook with background recordings for singing and leading traditional folk songs.
  • A guide for implementing music-based reminiscence group sessions.
  • Expert interviews on experiences with digital music sessions.

The website has been developed as a part of the MUS&TE project – Music for Distant Care and Health, using resources from the REACT-EU instrument, as a part of actions taken due to the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Material progressed

Material progressed