A guide for pre-integration

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This is an e-learning guidebook to Finnish society. Its purpose is to help you to understand the characters of Finnish society

It will give some information to asylum seekers about living in Finland. Knowing what kind of society, you are now living will give you tools to participate in everyday living in your community and to the whole society as easily as possible.

With this guide learning material, you can improve your Finnish language skills too.

The guide includes information about four different fields, which support a meaningful everyday living. Meaningful everyday life consists of participation, well-being, health and functionality:

  • everyday living in Finland
  • sustaining own well-being
  • general work-life skills
  • professional competences

The guidebook prepares you to manage in Finland and in a new culture.

The guidebook includes small assignments, net links, and Digi. Either the purpose of this material is to help you to study guided by a teacher or reception center’s counselor or you can use the material to independent learning.

Waiting for the decision about the residence is often long. Make that time useful for you by learning new matters and the language. All knowledge about the new society and surroundings will give you valuable tools to support the participation and adjustment to a new country.