Resonance frequency breathing

In this section, you can find several songs that have been especially composed for practising resonance frequency breathing (also known as coherent breathing and heart rate variability biofeedback).

Each one of us is able to achieve a state of inner resonance, where various physiological rhythms (breath, heart rate, blood pressure, brain waves) become synchronised. In adults, this state is usually achieved when breathing at around 6 breaths/min. Everyone has their optimal speed somewhere within the range of 4,5 – 7 breaths/min.

When in a state of resonance, our autonomic nervous system shifts to parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) dominance, by reducing the activity of the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) branch. Almost instantly, stress levels go down and we feel calmer and more centred.

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You will find the music for breathing on Music for breathing page.

Also there is animated video versions of breathing music in Video animations for breathing page.

We have created a short tutorial video to show you how to perform resonance frequency breathing. You can watch it Tutorial video page.

Recommendations for composers -page will give you help for starting composing.

To read more about the theoretical background and practical applications, go to Research and studies page

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Material progressed