In modern work most of the tasks are carried out using different data devices. To maintain health and well-being ergonomic work postures are essential. It is advisable to change posture several times during the day in order to avoid static loading. Static posture and  sustained loading cause strain injuries like carpal syndrome, elbow area problems, irritation of eyes and back pain.

Nowadays it is recommended to use a work place that enables adjusting height of the desk and chair. Whether sitting or standing it is important to adjust the height of desk and keyboard together with display in a way that no additional effort is needed to support hands and head. It is important to also take breaks and to flex one’s muscles every now and then. Also check the lighting and air conditioning. More information can be found in OSH Wiki provided by European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

Think over! Check your own work space according to instructions. If there are some shortages, try to adjust the height of desk, chair and display as well as possible.