Copyright issues in Finland are governed by Ministry of Education and Culture.

“Copyright is an intellectual property right arisen as a result of a person’s creative activities, and it gives the author a limited exclusive right to determine certain uses of his or her work. Other intellectual property rights, for instance patent right, trademark right and industrial designs right, belong to the category of industrial property rights.” (Source:Copyright regime, Ministry of Education)

Same property rights that apply in real world are also effective in internet. This means that it is not allowed to use any work of others in you web sites  unless it is authorized. Nevertheless, not all work is considered as a “creative work” that has the intellectual property rights described in link above, e.g. laws, regulations and decisions of authorities.

Find more information on copyright issues in Finland: Copyright in Finland.

Creative Commons

(CC) Creative Commons license means mostly open access materials like pictures, music and text. License is used to grant rights to use the material. There are different levels of license to be able to define the rights as to intellectual property owner wishes. E.g. these materials might be available for non-commercial use only. Find more information on

Think over! Where do you need understanding of copyright issues? Have you used CC-licensed material or created some?