Working Life in Finland

By watching this video, hosted by Samriti, you will learn how to deal within the Finnish working life. You will get tips on residence permit issues, job search and job interviews. You will also hear about the hygiene passport and other additional certificates that may be required of you. You will also learn more about the importance of the employment contract.

The whole video takes 16:27 minutes and there we have these sections:

0:27 Finnish Society, Working life – basics
2:19 Working permits for non-Finnish citizens – two types of visa
3:50 Requirements from employers – what you need to know even before applying for the job, where to study Finnish language
6:11 Applying for jobs – tips for job seeking
7:50 Job interviews – hints for the actual job interview
9:48 The work contract – the most important document when getting employed
11:47 Trade unions – unemployment benefits
12:44 Work culture in Finland – equality, trust, time keeping
14:22 Setting up a business in Finland – paperwork, helping agencies. Please find more info from the Startup Factory



You can also watch the video on YouTube (Integration: Working Life in Finland – YouTube) if it doesn’t appear above.

Material progressed

Material progressed