b. Competence we need

Organizations know-how is an important competitive factor in the rapidly changing world. One of the problems is difficulties in adaptation.  One possibility to identify competences and skill gaps and begin closing those gaps. To find out the needs concerning competence change is important to identify workplace competencies: required, the existing know-how and knowledge. One method to do this is process model for the competency management.

You can start to find out competence your organization needs by building a competency map with middle management. You can build draft of competency map. With this map you can study your company and concentrate more deeply some professions or know how with your employees.

Build a competency map

To build competence map you should have a work shop with middle management. Target of workshop will be to build draft of competency map on one area or hole organization. Point of view is to be select on the base of previous discussions (Finding out what is happening in business?).  You will lead the discussion as a competence coach.

Competency maps are groupings of competencies that identify the specific skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviors required to operate effectively in a specific trade, profession, or job position.

There is some guiding questions which will help you to find out what kind of competences is needed now and in the future

  • What are your company’s occupational and professional groups?
  • How many people working in these occupations?
  • What kind knowledge does your employees in these occupations have and what is required?


  • What professions are most relevant to your company’s success now??
  • What skills emphasized in these professions in the future?
  • What professions will be most relevant to company ’s success in the future?
  • What other skills or know how will be needed?
  • What kind of skills existing staff should have in future?


  • Are you hiring in the next year new employees?
  • What areas or professions are you hiring employees?
  • What kinds of skills are you expecting ?
  • What kind of skills your company have purchased? Or get from subcontract?
  • What kind of skills your company will purchase in future?


Competency map

Competence skills needs looking at by profession. Employees’ skills review will focus on the skills that the employee must have, so that he is able to work effective. As a competency coach you can fill map of expertise (Competency map) in the end of the discussion.

Competence map helps to identify bottlenecks in the organization of knowledge. If you use Competency Map –sheet for documentation, you can see the caps of skills and competences (future caps).


The next step is to prioritize and focus is more in deeply in areas, which are mean full for business. In this phase is to make decision to start competence development project with employees. It’s very imported to motivate employees.