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What is the Exam application?

The Exam application is a flexible way of taking exams. The Exam allows students to take exams independently using a computer in a video-monitored room, the Examstudio.


Where is the Examstudio located?

The Examstudio is located in Jyväskylä, on JAMK’s main campus: Rajakatu 35, GP06, in the library’s quiet zone in the G wing. See the main campus map .


When can I take an exam in the Examstudio? When is the studio open?

Students can take exams in the Examstudio at the time of their choosing, during the library’s opening hours. You can view all available exam times by logging into the Exam application. The times during which a course exam can be taken and the duration of the exam depend on the course.

The Examstudio is open during the customer service and self-service hours of the Main Library. In order to enter during self-service hours, you will need a JAMK library card and PIN, which consists of numbers only. Please make sure at least two weeks before the exam that your library card is working and that your borrowing rights have not been blocked, for example, at your reserved exam time!

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