In English: A new learning space is adaptable and inspires learning

Our new learning space is a classroom with a colourful interior and high-technology equipment at Dynamo. The furniture can be quickly rearranged to suit each learning situation – even within a single lesson. The technical solutions have also been designed to adapt to various learning situations.

The inspiring and inviting environment supports a variety of learning styles, also enabling the use of various teaching methods supported by information and communications technology. The process of collaborative learning is created and simultaneously documented digitally by the learning community, and the output can be further processed on the learning platform.

Modern studying consists of doing things together. The space provides an excellent setting for this.

We aim for feelings of success achieved by learning together in a technology environment:

“The best learning outcome ever!”

If you are interested in our new learning environment and want to know more about it we are happy to help!

Satu Aksovaara, lecturer
Minna Koskinen, new media designer
Sami Voutilainen, new media designer


This material was produced in 4GEE project funded by Central Finland’s ELY Centre (2010-2013).

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