How students reserve Logistics Lab

Sign in with your student username and password. If you have problems to reserve lab, please contact via Helpdesk.

If your course includes laboratory works or exercises, you can reserve logistics laboratory from Tuesday to Thursday between 8am and 4pm.

You are responsible for cancelling your own reservations.

Making a reservation

Click link Resource Calendars and then link “Laboratories”


The current schedule appears to the right side of the window. You can alter the day view by selecting a different week by clicking on a row or on a day on the little blue calendar:


Click “Add an event” link on the day you want to choose for your booking. A new booking window appears:

Fill in the information needed:

  • Classification is Internal
  • Responsible department is “121 Logistiikka perusopetus”
  • Time. Choose from the menu the times when your event begins and ends
  • Event name. Write down the name of your event.
  • Date. Click the Choose begin date button to open up a small calendar window where you choose the day when your booking begins. Do the same with Choose end date button to define when your booking ends.
  • Weekdays. The program chooses automatically the day when you clicked Add an event

When you have filled in the information, click Save button.

If you notice that you have made a mistake in your booking, it is very easy to change the information in your existing booking.

Click the name of your booking in the calendar. Booking window will open again. If you want to delete the booking, just click Delete. If you want to change the time or date, click save after you have made the changes.

You can check all your bookings just clicking Search your own bookings:

When your booking is ready, remember to log out from the system: