2. Six Indicators of Multicultural Competence

Photo model multicultural competence(1)

The final goal of the Soulbus-e-Coach is to become competent on multiculturalism, symbolized as the bull’s-eye of the model. This competence is very complex and needs to be unravelled for the Coaching Programme, to make it more operational. Therefore six indicators have been defined. The indicators together build up the complex multicultural competence and can be used in any order:

  • cultural empathy
  • open mindedness
  • social initiative
  • flexibility
  • self efficacy
  • emotional stability

Cultural awareness is the outermost circle of the model. It is not exactly the same as an indicator, but much more a conditional factor to be aware of. It shows who you are; it shows through which eyes you look. To understand the meaning of each Indicator, definitions have been written and indicator charts have been developed. These charts explain and define/stipulate the indicators. They show in which context the indicators have to be performed or executed. They describe the specific knowledge and skills that are needed to perform/execute the indicators, including necessary criteria. Also personal features are described to steer and guide the performance. The charts are necessary to be clear for the user to show what has to be learned for each indicator and final competence. In this programme the order of indicators to be studied on, is not prescribed. You can decide on your own order.