This is an E-Learning Multicultural Coaching Programme for Teachers and Mentors, in the field of Education, Rehabilitation and Health & Social Care. This material is developed by Soulbus project consortium in order to reinforce the link between curricular education activities with the development process of the practical placements and increase multicultural knowledge and skills among the mentors and teachers, aiming more mobility of students.

This material is produced as a part of SOULBUS Project which is an Erasmus Multilateral LLP Project during 2013-2015. This Project is executed by Universities and their Working Life partners in Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia and The Netherlands. Third country partner is from the United States. For more information see the chapter 4 “Consortium” on this webpage.

Soulbus-e-Coach contains two parts; a general part and a tailored part (examples focusing on the typical features and needs of each partner’s own country/region), with a studyload of 5 ECTS each. The material also allows the user to choose topics and assignments according to the user’s own interest and resources.