Structure of Vocational Special Education

Vocational Special Education

Vocational special education is intended for learners needing extra teaching or student support services due to disability, illness, delayed development, emotional difficulties or other reasons, using special teaching.

Vocational Special Needs Education is organised:

  • In Vocational (VET) colleges together with other students
  • In Vocational (VET) colleges in small groups
  • In Vocational Special Colleges
  • In Finnish Folk High Schools
  • In adult education organizations
  • In Sport Institutes
  • In Apprenticeship training


Same qualifications can be achieved in vocational special education than in any other vocational education. Teaching can be differentiated partly or in whole depending on students’ learning needs.  An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) will be created for such students where their individual learning needs will be considered.  

Preparatory and rehabilitative training for disabled students is for those requiring training in basic skills before entering to vocational education or staring their other education programmes. One aim for this type of training could also be to improve the access to working life and independent living.

In addition to all vocational (VET) colleges, vocational special education is provided in vocational special colleges which are obliged to provide such training according to their licence. In addition, they have to offer preparatory and rehabilitation teaching and training for disabled students.  Vocational Special Colleges function as development centres from where other colleges could seek for consultation related to  special education.


 What is vocational special needs education?

Colleges for Special Needs Education