Guiding Legislation in Finland

Finnish Ministry of Education

Law of Vocational Education – Laki ammatillisesta koulutuksesta 630/1998

  • Special needs teaching will be provided for students needing extra support due to disability, illness, delayed development, emotional difficulties or other reasons. IEPs are required for such students. (L 630/1998 section20)

Regulations for Vocational Education – Asetus ammatillisesta koulutuksesta 811/1998

  • Teaching in special education needs to be differentiated in such a way that the student would achieve as close as possible identical qualifications as in any other vocational education. (A 811/1998 section8)
  • Additional teaching support  (tukiopetus) that is provided to students who are temporarily behind in their studies or students who have mild learning or adaptability difficulties is not considered as special needs teaching. (A 811/1998 section8)

The National Curriculum framework

For further information about curriculum and assessment, please follow the link to the National Board of Education

Laki ammatillisesta aikuiskoulutuksesta (631/1998) Law of Adult Education  ja asetus (812/1998) Regulation of Adult Education

Ammattikorkeakoululaki (351/2003) ja asetus (352/2003)

Asetus opetus- ja kulttuuritoimen rahoituksesta (806/1998)

Statistics (in Finnish)