Learning assignment 1

After completing this assignment you will be able to define what the science of special needs pedagogy is, and you are able to consider how results of this field of research could be implemented in practice.

Select and read a research dissertation of the field of Special Needs Pedagogy published in the 21st century. (If possible, read the Finnish book Erityispedagogiikan perusteet (Moberg et al 2009. Erityispedagogiikan perusteet pp. 11-23). Write a summary of the research and consider the following aspects:

  • Why does your chosen dissertation belong to the science of Special Needs Pedagogy?
  • How the changes in producing knowledge of special needs pedagogy are introduced?
  • What are the main findings of the research?
  •  How can you incorporate the findings into your own work as a SEN teacher?

Inidicate at the beginning of your report:

  • the name and the author of the disseration , year and place of publication and a web link if you accessed it electronically

Below are links to some Finnish Universities and a list of Finnish disserations to search for a suitable dissertation or you can choose an other international university.