Recognition of the need for support

Learning difficulties always manifest themselves individually and the problems they exhibit are individualistic.  Learning difficulties can be supported only when the reasons behind them are recognised. It is cruical for teachers to be able to recognise how LDs are manifested in learning situations.  The information provided by the indetification process will be used for planning and implementing the support.

Oppimisvaikeudet ilmenevät aina yksilöllisesti, myös niiden haitat ovat yksilöllisiä. Oppimisvaikeuksiin voidaan vaikuttaa vasta sitten, kun niiden vaikutus oppimiseen ja opiskeluun on selvitetty. Opettajan on keskeistä osata tunnistaa ja eritellä miten oppimisvaikeus ilmenee opiskelutilanteissa. Tunnistamisen myötä pystytään suunnittelemaan oppimisen ja opiskelun tukitoimia.

 Learning difficulties can present as:

  • Reading and writing difficulties
  • Language difficulties
  • Numerical difficulties
  • Spatial awareness difficulties
  • Clumsy motor skills
  • Inability to adapt
  • Unexplained absences
  • Discontinuation of studies
  • Attention deficit
  • Hyperactivity
  • Aggression
  • Depression

Comorbidity:  the appearance of different learning difficulties together

How will a teacher recognise a student whose need for support should be considered?

  •  Hyperactive student
  • Aggressive student
  • Withdrawn student
  • Depressed student
  • Tired student
  • Restless student
  • Stressed student
  • Overly concerned student

When a student think they need support, they must be helped.


Depictions of disability

Read about and listen to the depictions of disability provided by the Open University by using the link below

Making your teaching inclusive