Learning assignment 3


The aim of this assignment is for you to get acquainted with practicalities related to special needs education by observing, interviewing and familiarizing yourself with support methods offered for learning through practice and with help of literature.

  •  As a background to the assignment read from the book (only in Finnish): Oja, Sirpa (toim) 2012. Kaikille kelpo koulu luku “Oppilaan tuki” pages  33-61, or  A Tiered Service-Delivery Model A tiered service-delivery model. Pay particular attention to the forms of the special support offered in compulsory education (so called three level support). This resource functions as background material for the next questions therefore no submission is required to Optima.


  •  For your observation choose a group of students with SEN in VET that is not familiar to you. A group of students in this assignment are learners who have, for example, sensory difficulties, language related difficulties, neurological difficulties, dyslexia, mathematical difficulties, mental health problems or life management difficulties


  • Visit the group, observe teaching and interview teachers/assistants and students. Find out what kinds of teaching materials, support materials, specific teaching methods and assessment methods are used with this particular group.


  •  Write a report describing the students in the group, learning materials, and teaching and assessment methods used. Justify your comments and descriptions from the point of view of implementation and effectiveness of special support. Submit your report in Optima.