Learning assignment 2

The aim of this assignment is that you consider your own and general attitudes to different people. Consider values, stereotypes and their effect on meeting, for example, disabled people.

Firstly, get familiar with the web links provided or search for similar international links and create a mind map of the issues and ideas that you found interesting.  You don’t have to submit the mind in Optima.

Secondly, utilize the mind map and concider your own attitudes towards diversity:

  • What is your own view of diversities, disabilities and disabled persons?
  • How has your view developed?
  • What kind of experiences have you had in meeting disabled people?
  • How has your view towards such differences changed over the years?
  • Compare your thinking with the paradigmatic changes and offer your views of the position of diversity in the modern society

Thirdly, read the book (only in Finnish) by Moberg et al (2009) Erityispedagogiikan perusteet pp. 26-73 and concider how special education has developed. An article Inclusive  Education in Finland:  A thwarted  development by Saloviita offers some guidelines in English.

Write a report or create a map of the stages of special education.

You may use other suitable reference books (for example in English), please provide appropriate reference in your document.