Electronic Signature

JAMK Sig is an electronic document signature system.

The JAMK Sign signing service is used to electronically sign a finished document.

When using JAMK Sign, all parties must sign the document electronically. A document to be signed through the signing service can no longer be signed separately on paper.

Please note that completed, electronically signed documents will only be retained for 30 days. The initiator of the signature cycle takes care of storing the documents in JAMK’s case management.

JAMK’s procurement contracts are prepared and signed in the Cloudia contract management system.

Electronic signature

The Board of Directors of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences has approved the introduction of electronic signatures on September 21, 2020.

The persons specified in the jurisdiction order are responsible for signing the document in the same way as if the document is signed by hand. The electronic signature does not change the powers defined in JAMK’s bylaws.

Logging in and authentication to the signing service takes place in two steps. When logging in to the service, the user must enter a username and password or an invitation ID.


A JAMK employee can log in to the service directly with JAMK IDs or with the help of the invitation ID they have received.

You can log in to the JAMK Sign service here