Project Guide

For the support of JAMK research, development and innovation activities

RDI work at JAMK

The mission of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences is to act as an internationally-orientated training and development community of higher education that promotes entrepreneurship and enhances the competence, competitiveness, and entrepreneurship of the working life and the welfare of the population of Central Finland. As to the research and development work, the task of the university is to produce new knowledge and competence that is significant for working life, and its application in the regional innovation network.

Research and development work

Research and development workmeans systematic activities for adding new information and using the information for finding new applications. The characteristics of basic research cover seeking for new information without any direct practical application. Applied research again is research that is targeted at a practical application that is executed by means of a new piece of information. Development work means the use of new information resulting from research and/or which is obtained through practical information for the achievement of new products, services, production processes or methods, or for the substantial improvement of the existing ones.

Innovation activities

Innovation activities mean all those measures that are targeted at producing new or improved products or processes, ie. innovations. Innovations may include technological, social or cultural innovations, business innovations, design innovations, product or service innovations, or combinations of any of the above.

To improve the functionality of research, development and innovation activities, JAMK operates especially with small-size growth companies on a need-basis. JAMK is involved in building an innovation centre in Central Finland with the help of its working life and university cooperation, and reinforces the development channel of Central Finland. JAMK is using various financing channels and programmes with increasing versatility in order to support companies in the process of their internationalization. JAMK reinforces growth entrepreneurship and the commercialisation of the results of RDI activities. This will result in JAMK being a flexible, efficient and well-known development organisation in the year 2015. It will be a desired partner in national and international networks. JAMK will be a key actor in the innovation centre of Central Finland. The selected top themes will have international recognition.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences has determined its profiles and focus areas and the regional centre of expertise for 2010-2015 as follows:

focus areas

JAMK’s profiles are: 1) quality of learning, 2) internationalisation and 3) entrepreneurship. JAMK will clarify and strengthen its profile factors in all of its basic tasks, RDI activities, degree programmes and continuing education and services.

JAMK’s focus areas are: 1) innovative learning, 2) well-being of families and health promotion, 3) renewable competitiveness and 4) cybersecurity.

The focus areas for the JAMK University of Applied Sciences arise from the areas of emphasis, areas of special competence, those that are identified in the field of operation in the RDI work, and from the priorities in regional development work. The top priority in regional development work is bioeconomy. This conclusion has been reached on the basis of analysis of the operating environment and systematic cooperation with interest groups.


Updated 30.8.2012