The research, development and innovation activities at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences has expanded significantly over the years. RDI activities concern a large proportion of our personnel in one way or another. These instructions are intended to simplify and clarify the practices and operating models of RDI activities for project actors within JAMK. These project instructions briefly describe the more central topics that are related to project activities. The instructions include a good many tools that facilitate RDI activities, either directly or through links.

The strategic focuses in RDI activities are described in the JAMK strategy, as well as in the principles of RDI activities that supplement the strategy. The processes for RDI activities again are defined in the Process Manual. The Management System for the JAMK University of Applied Sciences defines the roles of various actors in the university. The definitions for personnel issues and financial administration procedures, among other areas, are contained within the administration support services. These project instructions are complementary to the above-mentioned documents.

The project guide begin with a description of the RDI activities at JAMK at the general level, the roles, tasks and responsibilities of the actors, contracts that have been utilised in RDI activities, the principles for drawing up these contracts, and communication. Then we’ll proceed according to the project cycle from the generation of ideas to planning and implementation. Practical tips and tools are provided for these. The successful completion of the project and the utilisation of results are discussed in separate sections.

The personnel who are involved in RDI Services are responsible for the improvement and development of this project guide. The instructions are improved continuously, and users who have a central role to play keep them up-to-date and practical. We expect the teams working under the project instructions to provide active feedback and development suggestions.

We hope that reading this project guide will provide you with a new sense of productivity.

JAMK RDI Services personnel


Updated 30.8.2012