Students’ Desktop

This Peppi instructions material will guide You through the Students’ Desktop services as well as other Peppi-related applications put into operation later. Peppi is a student and study information system that is important both to students and staff. In Peppi, studies are planned, study information is administered, study offerings for the academic year are set, students are accepted for course implementations and grades are given, among other functions.

You find the guidance for Peppi also in a video recording that is published in student Elmo intra Peppi-page.

As a student, you have access to Students’ Desktop Services, where you plan your studies, follow your progress, browse reservations, enroll for course implementations and for attendance or non-attendance as well as view and edit your contact information.


You find the Students’ Desktop in

Sign in to the Peppi Service with your own JAMK user account.

You find the Sign Out button behind your name in the upper right corner. Close the browser to ensure your sign out.

If you have issues about Peppi, please, leave a support request in

  • If you can not log in, try to clear browsing data
  • If you can not access student desktop, leave a support request
  • If there is another surname than your current, leave a support request.