Here´s frequently asked questions about Peppi and notes about bugs that came with Peppi’s update, which will be fixed in the following releases.

In addition, new features that came with the update are listed here.

New Features in update


Resource reservation

Bugs in update


Implementation enrollment: the order of enrollment column is not working correctly. The functionality of the column has been changed so that the order is based on database ID not the enrollment date. This will result that the order will be displayed incorrectly. This error will be fixed in the next update.

Resource reservation

Problems with logging in Peppi

  • Log in with your Jamk user account in peppi.jamk.fi.
  • If your login fails, try to clear the cache memory of the browser.
    • If you have multiple study entitlements, try another user account.
    • If you don’t have access to Students’ Desktop, submit a support ticket https://helpdesk.jamk.fi/en/.

My lastname in Peppi is wrong. What should I do?

If your lastname in Peppi is other than your present lastname, submit a support ticket https://helpdesk.jamk.fi/en/.

If I want to enroll course implementations do they have to be in my PLP? Must teacher tutor accept my PLP before I can enroll courses?

You can enroll for courses which aren´t in your PLP. Course enrollment doesn´t require approved PLP. Instructions for enrollment is here