Meeting times

Teachers, career tutors, study counsellors, study psychologists, student services and other people contributing to guidance may suggest/create a meeting time for an individual student or for a student group.

Available meeting times

The meeting times are listed under the name of the person who suggests a meeting.

List od appointments

Click on the name of the person you wish to meet to open more detailed information about the meeting:

  • Meeting time
  • Meeting subject
  • The number of people who have accepted the meeting and the number of people to whom the meeting is suggested

Confirming an appointment

  • Click the + icon in front of the reservation information to add yourself in the reservation.
  • In the message field, provide additional information relating to the meeting so that the tutor will be able to sufficiently prepare for the meeting. NOTE! The message entered in the message field will also be shown to other Peppi users.
  • Confirm appointment

Confirming appointment

The appointment is added to your calendar. In addition, the reservation is now displayed in bold in the Meeting times view of the Student’s Desktop.

Cancelling a meeting

To cancel a meeting after confirmation, click the x icon after the meeting row. Click the Cancel appointment button to confirm the cancellation.

Cancel appointment