Zoom – Panopto – Moodle

Recording your Zoom meeting to Zoom cloud, uploading the recording to Panopto, and sharing the Panopto recording link to Moodle.

Zoom and Outlook email

Save your Zoom meeting to Zoom cloud. You will receive an email that contains several links.

An email containing Zoom recording links.
  1. Choose the file to be downloaded to your computer based on the file extension:
    • The link with a .txt file contains the chat messages sent during your Zoom meeting.
    • The link with an .m4a file contains an audio recording of your meeting. Sometimes it may be a good idea to support student learning by giving them an audio file which they can listen to, for example, when going for a walk outside.
    • The link with an .mp4 file is the video recording of your meeting.
  2. Click the link and the file is is saved to the Download folder on your computer.
  3. Note that the links work for only 10 days.


  1. Browse to https://panopto.jamk.fi (the link opens in a new browser tab).
  2. Click Sign in and use your Jamk credentials.
  3. You can choose to save the recording to your own My Folder where you can create folders for your own courses.
    • In My Folder your videos are saved for 1 year after the latest viewing.
  4. You can also ask your eLearning designer to create you a folder under your own faculty folder.
    • In these folders, videos are saved for 2 years after the latest viewing.

Uploading your video file to Panopto

  1. Start upload by clicking Create at the top of the page.
  2. Click Upload Media.
  3. Search for the video file on your computer.
  4. The upload starts. While the video uploads, you can change video name by clicking the name field.
  5. You can close the upload window when you see the text “Upload complete. You can close this window now.
  6. Panopto starts to process the video. You do not need to wait for the processing to end but you can click Share next to the video and choose how to share the video.
    • The default setting is that only those people who have access rights to the Panopto folder, can see the video.
  7. Click Change at Who can access this video and you can choose the sharing settings for your video.
  8. It is recommended to choose either
    • Your Organization (unlisted) Anyone at your org who has the link (to watch the video, sign in to Panopto with Jamk credentials is required) or
    • Public (unlisted) Anyone who has the link (no sign in is required to watch the video)
  9. After you have chosen suitable share settings, click Copy link.


  1. Click Add an activity or resource and choose URL.
  2. Give the link a descriptive name and add (opens in Panopto) after the name in brackets.
  3. Write a description if necessary or instructions for the student. If you chose the share option Your Organization (unlisted) Anyone at your org who has the link, inform the students about this in the description field. If you write a description, activate Display description on course page.
  4. Choose Appearance in the settings and choose New window in the dropdown menu. When your students click the link, it opens in a new browser tab and not on Moodle.
  5. Note that the link to Panopto may not work straight away because processing a long video in Panopto takes time.