Getting started

  1. Browse to (link opens in a new tab) and sign in with your Jamk credentials.
  2. When you sign in for the first time, you need to accept the Terms of Use (the link opens in a new tab).
  3. On the browser, you can upload, for example, your Zoom meeting recordings to Panopto, edit the recording if necessary (remove parts of the recording), and share the recording.
    • Panopto has also developed Panopto Capture which is a recorder that works on the browser and you can use it to record on-screen recordings from your computer screen. You can find Panopto Capture by clicking the Create icon in Panopto.
    • Another option for creating recordings on Panopto is that you download Panopto Recorder from the Software Center to your Windows computer. The recorder can be used to record on-screen recordings from your computer screen and webcasts.
    • You can also dowload the Panopto mobile app from app stores (Android, Apple). Mobile apps allow you to watch and record videos.
  4. Join “Verkko-opetus @ JAMK” group in Teams and follow the Panopto channel for updates and Panopto training sessions.

Panopto folder features

  • In My folder, videos are saved for 1 year after the last view.
  • In other Panopto folders, such as those created for different faculties at Jamk, the videos are saved for 2 years after the last view.
  • You can ask your eLearning designer to create a folder for your course under your faculty folders. Video visibility to viewers can be determined separately for each video.

Instructions for using Panopto

Panopto’s own instructions in English (link opens in a new tab) and Panopto video tutorials in English (link opens in a new tab).