Terms of Use

The right to use the Panopton Material is agreed as follows:

The Author (s) represent that the Material does not contain material the use of which infringes the copyrights or other rights of any third party.

The Authors grant JAMK the right to use the Material and to incorporate the Material into any other material in any way that JAMK deems best. The right to use the Material includes the right to modify the Material, make copies of the Material and make the Material available to the public, but the scope of the right of use is in no way limited to these rights.

The Author (s) retains ownership of the Material and JAMK’s right to use the Material in no way restricts the right of the Author (s) to use the Material in other functions or contexts.

When using the material, the name of the Author (s) shall be mentioned.

The license is valid until further notice. This Agreement shall enter into force when the Material is stored in Panopto.

The lifecycle of recordings, with the exception of personal My Folders, defaults to two years from the last view, after which they are automatically trashed first and permanently trashed after 90 days. My Folders have a lifespan of 12 months since last view. For project videos, the retention period specified in the project is observed. If necessary, the life cycle is extended for justified needs.