Managing workspace

You can edit and manage the settings of your workspace by clicking the name of your workspace on the left margin and ‘Workspace management tools’ in the top right corner .

Instructions for workspace management

Changing the name of workspace and time settings

To change the name of your workspace, go to ‘General settings’. You can determine the Workspace activity time (= the time period during which the students can access the workspace). You can set the workspace to close on a specific date after which it no longer appears in the students’ Optima view.


To add new members, for example student groups or colleagues, go to ‘Members’. To search a group, go to ‘Add environment level group by search’. To search for persons by name or other search word, go to ‘Add members with search engine’. Setting ‘Supervisor’ (at ‘Member profiles’) as the profile of your colleagues gives them the same access rights to the workspace as you.  Please note: If you have added your students to your workspace as a group you cannot remove a single student from the group in Optima but you should make the member changes in ASIO.

Groups at workspace level

You can create groups of workspace members inside your workspace (‘Groups at workspace level’). This is advisable if you want to control what each workspace member is able to view. Creating groups makes it easier to define access control, in other words you can create group-specific folders or discussion lists.


A workspace should always have a startpage that appears in the Optima middle frame when the workspace is opened. The startpage can be static (such as a greeting and an image) or it may contain guidelines or provide information about important topical issues. You should create the startpage with tools such as the Light Web editor and save it in your workspace. Remember to use templates!

A good startpage:

  • has a neat and clear layout;
  • has subdued background colours (avoid bright and glaring colours);
  • has adequate contrast between the background and the font (avoid such combinations as light green font on a dark green background); and
  • can be viewed on a single page.


You can put workspace-specific announcements in Optima. They can be viewed by workspace members in the main frame as they log in to the environment (‘New announcement’). You can direct the announcement at all workspace users or only at groups on workspace level. You can also specify the publication and expiry dates and the target groups.

To change the contents, target groups and dates of the announcements or to delete them, go to ‘Managing announcements’.


The statistics show how actively and at what times workspace members are using your workspace. The statistics are updated on a daily basis.