Optima’s structure and navigating in Optima

After you have logged in, the view on the screen is roughly as follows:

The Optima workspaces in which you are a member are listed under the header ‘Workspaces’ on the left. A workspace is the working area of a course or a group.  You can enter a workspace by clicking its name. The contents of a workspace consist of different objects, such as a folder, a discussion list, a learning diary, a www page, a link to the Internet or different types of files (Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Pdf file).

The section in the middle of the page is reserved for important information on studies and studying. You should check it regularly.

Help, language change (ENG) and logout (Logout) are at the top of the page.

Icons on the left

– Click the house icon to go the initial view.
– Click the head icon to go to personal information.
– You can adjust the width of the left margin by clicking the arrows.

Use the folders for structuring the workspace. A green exclamation mark in front of an object means that the object is a new one (for example a new file) or that the object has new content (such as a new message on the discussion list).