1.2 Master’s thesis

The thesis included as part of the master’s degree is a working-life development assignment. The objective of the master’s thesis is that you are capable of applying evidence-based research knowledge and using selected working life development and research methods to address working life development needs. In the thesis, you demonstrate a capability for independent and demanding specialist work. The master’s thesis is normally written alone.

Essential elements in the thesis are the combination of various types of information and experiential knowledge, assessment and application of information, as well as the deepening of professional expertise.

The essential thing is the development of shared expertise and the building of new competence in collaboration with different parties.

The recommended length of a master’s thesis is 60 to 90 pages, excluding appendices.

The scope of the master’s thesis is 30 ECTS credits, and the thesis project consists of the following courses:

• Research-based Development (5 cr ) – YZWZ0110 (A course that includes basic studies and supports the thesis, after which a topic proposal is prepared and the thesis project starts.)
• Master’s Thesis, Planning (7 cr) – YZ00BL94
• Master’s Thesis, Research Writing (3 cr) – YZ00BL98 (A course offered by the Language Centre that is part of the thesis.)
• Master’s Thesis, Implementation (10 cr) – YZ00BL95
• Master’s Thesis, Reporting (10 cr) – YZ00BL96
• Maturity Test, Master’s Degree (0 cr) – YZ00BB05

Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project

If you have started your thesis before May 2021 and the thesis process is not in the Wihi service, you can find the old thesis process description as a pdf file in the ‘Documents’ section at the bottom of the page.

The course of Research-based development, master's degree
Tasks to complete before starting your thesis
Planning the thesis project in Wihi
Master's Thesis, planning (7 cr) - Phase 1: one third of thesis completed in Wihi
Master's thesis, research writing (3 cr)

Master's thesis, implementation (10 cr) - Phase 2: two thirds of thesis completed in Wihi
Reporting and assessment in Wihi

Download the pdf file containing the progress of the master’s thesis project, you can find it in the Documents section.


Degree Regulations (For Students pages)

Thesis assessment criteria at master’s degree (2019) (PDF)

Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)

Not in Wihi – Progress of the Master’s Thesis Project (PDF)


Old thesis course:

Master’s Thesis, 30 cr – YZZON100 (Curriculum, Peppi)

Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis (the JAMK process manual)