1.3 Ethical principles and data protection

Good scientific practice is complied with in all studies at universities of applied sciences. Misconduct and plagiarism in the studies are prohibited. Familiarise yourself with JAMK’s ethical principles and be sure to comply with good scientific practice throughout your thesis project.

Data protection

Familiarise yourself with data protection and the processing of personal data. In the thesis, data protection concerns the student preparing the thesis, the commissioner, potential research subjects and the written thesis complete with its research data.

Identify if your data contains personal data. Personal data means

  • any information on a natural person and on their personal characteristics or personal circumstances, where these are identifiable as concerning them or the members of their family or household.
  • all types of data that can be used to directly identify a natural person, but also data that can be used to identify a person indirectly (e.g. photos and voice recordings).

If you process personal data, you must have a privacy statement. Remove any personal identifiers, i.e. anonymise the material as soon as it can be reasonably analysed without identifiers. See the data protection page in the intranet for more detailed instructions.


  • Ensure appropriate data management and write a data management plan.
  • Take copyright and other potential licensing and contractual matters into account.
  • Familiarise yourself with the principles related to the processing of personal data and data protection.
  • Together with your principal thesis tutor, check whether a research permit and/or a preliminary ethical review is needed for your thesis.
  • Inform your principal thesis tutor about the funding and other relevant interests associated with your thesis.
  • A thesis is a public document. Make sure that the commissioner is aware of this.

Disciplinary procedure

If there is reason to suspect that the author of the thesis has violated good scientific practice, a written notification will be made of the matter. The matter will be handled in accordance with the Jamk’s Degree Regulations and ethical principles.


Degree Regulations (For Students pages)


Ethical Principles (ELMO intranet)

Data protection (ELMO intranet)

Research permit (jamk.fi)

Open Science and Research in Jamk (jamk.fi)

Data management guidelines (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

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