1.5 Copyrights

Copyright for the thesis belongs to the student.

The commissioner will receive a right of use to the thesis once it is complete. The scope of the right of use is always separately agreed upon between the thesis author and the commissioner. In the event that other works or intellectual property rights are created or established in connection with the thesis, the student and the commissioner must separately agree upon the transfer and use of such rights.

Publishing and achiving

The thesis can be published in the open information network (Theseus) with the student’s permission. A public thesis for which a permission for online publication has not been granted must be submitted to JAMK’s library as a hardcopy version.

Electronic archiving of a thesis does not mean publishing it in an open information network. It does not require a separate permission from the student or the commissioner.


Kopiraittila Academy (Kopiosto)

Copyright (Kopiosto)

Copyright Act (404/1961) (Finlex)

6 Archiving and publishing

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