1.1 Bachelor’s thesis

The objective of the thesis included as part of the bachelor’s degree is to develop and demonstrate the student’s capability to apply knowledge and skills through a practical specialist assignment. The bachelor’s thesis must be related to the student’s degree programme and personal learning plan.

In UAS studies, the thesis is a specialist assignment that is normally carried out in cooperation with working life. The thesis must solve problems arising from the needs of working life.

The thesis can be

  • a research-based development assignment related to your field;
  • a literature review;
  • applied research related to your field; or
  • other specialist assignment or production related to your field.

The thesis can also be done in the form of a pair or small group assignment, or in a multidisciplinary fashion between students from one or several degree programmes. The thesis can also be integrated with practical training.

The length of a bachelor’s thesis is 30 to 60 pages on average, excluding appendices.

In the bachelor’s thesis, the student

  • develops and demonstrates capabilities to apply their knowledge and skills in a research and development assignment related to professional studies that arises from the needs of working life;
  • learns to create a knowledge base that is based on sources and to report the results;
  • learns to assess the results and present development proposals;
  • is also able to assume responsibility for the group’s learning and sharing of the lessons learned.

The scope of the bachelor’s thesis is 15 ECTS credits, and the thesis project consists of the following courses:

  • Research and Development (5 cr) – ZZPP0620. A course that supports your thesis and starts the thesis project. Prepare a topic proposal for the thesis.
  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Planning (3 cr) – ZZ00BL91
  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Thesis Writing (2 cr) – ZZ00BL97 (a course offered by the Language Centre that is part of the thesis)
  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Implementation (6 cr) – ZZ00BL92
  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Reporting and Assessment (4 cr) – ZZ00BL93
  • Maturity Test, Bachelor’s Degree (0 cr) – ZZOA0220

Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project

If you have started your thesis before May 2021 and the thesis process is not in the Wihi service, you can find the old thesis process description as a pdf file in the ‘Documents’ section at the bottom of the page.

The course of Research and development, bachelor's degree
Tasks to complete before starting your thesis
Planning the thesis project in Wihi
Bachelor's Thesis, planning (3 cr) - Phase 1: one third of thesis completed in Wihi
Bachelor's thesis, thesis writing (2 cr)
Bachelor's thesis, implementation (6 cr) - Phase 2: two thirds of thesis completed in Wihi
Reporting and assessment in Wihi

Download the pdf file containing the progress of the bachelor’s thesis project, you can find it in the Documents section.


Degree Regulations (For Students pages)

Thesis assessment criteria at bachelor’s degree (2020) (PDF)

Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project in Wihi (PDF)

Not in Wihi – Progress of the Bachelor’s Thesis Project (PDF)


Old thesis course:

Bachelor’s Thesis, 15 cr – ZZOA0120 (Curriculum, Peppi)

Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis (the JAMK process manual)