4.7 Thesis reporting and assessment – Phase 3 (Thesis ready for assessment)

If you have started working on your thesis before taking Wihi into use, complete the tasks on this page. Otherwise, follow the instructions provided by your tutor.

This phase relates to the following courses:

  • Bachelor’s Thesis, Reporting and Assessment, 4 cr ZZ00BL93
  • Master’s Thesis, Reporting, 10 cr YZ00BL96

Create and complete the following tasks in Wihi

  • Write up your thesis.
  • If necessary, make an appointment with the Language Centre clinic for the proofreading the description page (Finnish/English).
  • Agree with your principal thesis tutor in Wihi on the preliminary examination of the first draft of your thesis.
    A 2nd examiner will be selected for your thesis in Wihi.
  • Return your completed thesis to Wihi in Plagiarism Check field for assessment. The field is connected to Turnitin plagiarism prevention service.
  • Agree with the principal thesis tutor on writing the maturity test (see 5 Maturity test).
  • Register your thesis for the assessment meeting of the thesis working group in accordance with the practices of your field of training.
  • Return the self-assessment and commissioner statement to Wihi.
  • Present your thesis in accordance with the instructions for your degree programme.
  • The principal thesis tutor (1st examiner) and 2nd examiner give a joint statement and a grade proposal for the thesis. At this point, phase 3 is approved in Wihi.

The tutor approves the phase in Wihi when all the related tasks have been completed.

Note: throughout the thesis process, use Wihi’s comments field, not e-mail, for communicating with the principal thesis tutor. The tutor will be notified by e-mail of the message you sent in Wihi.

The pages below (4.7.1 – 4.7.7) describe these tasks in more detail. Take time to read through the instructions.



Old thesis courses:

Bachelor’s Thesis, 15 cr – ZZOA0120 (Curriculum, Peppi)

Master’s Thesis, 30 cr – YZZON100 (Curriculum, Peppi)