4.4.1 Reporting instructions and thesis assessment criteria

Reporting instructions and report template

Regardless of the topic and method of implementation of your thesis, a written report will always be prepared on the thesis in accordance with the JAMK’s project reporting instructions.

Read JAMK’s project reporting instructions (content instructions) once again before starting the writing phase.

You can find a thesis reporting template in JAMK’s project reporting instructions.

In the written report

  • you describe the starting points, objectives and progress of the thesis process, as well as the results;
  • you substantiate the choices you have made in a critical manner; and
  • evaluate the result.

Thesis assessment criteria

A written thesis is evaluated on the scale of 0–5, based on JAMK’s common assessment criteria. Thesis assessment is based on both the process and the output. The assessment targets include the topic, knowledge base, implementation, results and discussion, and reporting

Have a look at the assessment criteria right at the beginning of your thesis project!


Office-applications for Students (JAMK HelpDesk)

Project Reporting Instructions (Open learning materials)

Thesis assessment criteria at bachelor’s degree (2020) (PDF)

Thesis assessment criteria at master’s degree (2019) (PDF)