2.5 Article-type thesis

An article-form thesis refers to the part of the thesis that is published in a professional or scientific journal or conference in the field.

An article-form thesis includes an article manuscript section and a broader literature review section (20–30 pages), which also indicates the purpose of the thesis. In the article manuscript section, the writing instructions of the journal to which the article is planned to be submitted can be followed. In the case of a joint article by several authors, it must be possible to clearly indicate what is the independent contribution of the thesis author.

The writing of an article-form thesis should already be agreed upon between the student and the programme coordinator at an early stage of the writing process. The principal thesis tutor is responsible for the scope of the thesis.

Example structure (to serve as a template for the table of contents)

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review (20–30 p.)
  3. Purpose and objective of the thesis
  4. Article manuscript



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