5 Maturity test

Familiarise yourself with JAMK’s instructions on the maturity test entitled Internal bulletin as a maturity test.

Writing the maturity test

The maturity test is written in the language of the student’s school education (Finnish or Swedish). A maturity test is a statutory part of a UAS or university degree that demonstrates familiarity with the field and command of the Finnish or Swedish language. A student who has completed their school education abroad or in a language other than Finnish (Swedish) can either take the maturity test in Finnish (Swedish) or demonstrate their familiarity with the field through an assignment written in the language of instruction of the degree programme.

The maturity test assignment is related to your thesis. The maturity test included as part of the bachelor’s degree is written in the form of an internal bulletin. The maturity test included as part of the master’s degree is written in the form of a media release in a manner agreed with the principal thesis tutor.

Agree on a suitable date for writing

At the phase 3/3 in Wihi, before returning the thesis for processing by the thesis work group, your maturity test must have been approved. Agree with the principal thesis tutor when to write the maturity test.

If the thesis is a joint work by more than one student, they must each complete a separate maturity test.

Bachelor’s degree

Where will the test be written?

The bachelor’s degree maturity test is always written in a supervised exam setting in the Exam Studio or in an exam session in the e-learning environment (Moodle) organised by the unit at a time of your choice.

The time allowed for writing is 2 hours 15 minutes. You will receive the necessary material and template in a supervised exam setting.

Degree Programme in Business Management

Part-time students report to their tutor by e-mail, and the maturity test is completed via Zoom in a supervised exam setting.

School of Technology BTI

The maturity test is written with a computer in a supervised exam setting determined by the teacher, in a resit exam setting, or in the Exam Studio in Jyväskylä.

Master’s degree

Where will the test be written?

Agree with your principal thesis tutor on writing the maturity test as well as its timing and submission.

The maturity test for a Master’s degree programme is written as media bulletin. The JAMK internal bulletin instructions serve as the instructions for writing the maturity test.

You can download the instructions and template for the Master’s degree maturity test from the link below.


The maturity test is assessed on the scale of pass or fail.

The text is assessed in the following areas

  1. Content: general comprehensibility of the bulletin, key results of the thesis and benefits for one’s field, and expert treatment of the topic.
  2. Language: independence of the text (the contents of the bulletin can be understood even if the reader has not looked at the thesis), consistency of topic treatment, good style and explanatory approach, and correct language and spelling.

Accessibility and barrier-free learning

The study counsellor will provide you with support and guidance in your studies, and you will have the opportunity to apply for personal study arrangements to support you in your studies. You can receive individual support for writing your thesis if, for example, you have been diagnosed with dyslexia or your native language is not Finnish. In this case, consult the study counsellor at an early stage of your thesis project. For further information, see the Accessibility and Individual Special Arrangements section of the For Students pages.


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