Student’s Forms

The thesis topic proposal will be made by using an electronic topic proposal form in Wihi.

Wihi service (login required)

Thesis Agreement (DOCX)

Appendix_1_Confidentiality Agreement on Thesis Appendices (DOCX)

Data management plan template for thesis (docx)

Information Seeking Report (DOCX)

Thesis Self Assessment (DOCX)

Thesis Assessment – Peer Assessor(DOCX)

Thesis Statement – Representative of the Host Company or Organisation (DOCX)

Maturity test template (Master’s Degree) (DOCX)

Other forms and templates

Preliminary ethical review (Master’s):

Ethical Principles (ELMO intranet)

A data management plan – DMPTuuli (DMPTuuli)

Data protection (ELMO intranet)

Research permit (

Thesis reporting template

Templates for reporting theses and other written works can be found in JAMK’s Project Reporting Instuructions, under Reporting Template.

Project Reporting Instructions (Open learning materials)

Thesis Tutor

The instruction page of the thesis tutor can be found in the ELMO staff intranet. You can find a link to the site in the Links section of this page.

Thesis Tutorin in ELMO staff intranet (ELMO intranet)