Reflective Learning Diary

Here is the instructions of reflective learning diary for students: Reflective Learning Diary

Learning diary is an instrument of your learning, professional and personal growth. We all learn from experiences. This learning diary helps you to become more conscious of your learning experiences during the intensive/optional course of “Migrant and minority children in Nordic countries and Russian”.


  • To allow a student reflects on significant experiences associated with her/his learning
  • To help a student becomes aware and acknowledge what she/he has learnt / how she/he has progressed
  • To develop her/his argumentation skills
  • To improve her/his knowledge and comprehension about the matters
  • To set aims for her/his learning in the future

This process follows the process of experimental learning.

  1. The student will have an experience.
  2. The student will review the experience.
  3. The student will conclude from the experience.
  4. The student will plan the next step.