Video production at the NordRus project.

As part of the project the students were asked to make videos from their visits to the institutions.

Each group of students was responsible for making recordings of the visits and interviews, edit them the same day and upload them to Youtube, so that the rest of the participants could see them before the online conference.

The videos were made for sharing some of the impressions of the visits and interviews with the people not present in Denmark, so it can be questioned and discussed as well as being a part of the online material.

The videos had to comply with these requirements: (1) They should last no longer than three minutes. (2) They should focus on the three elements that the students found most interesting about the institution.

The recordings were made with digital cameras (in Denmark three digital cameras were used as well as some of the students’ smartphones).

The footage was then transferred to a personal computer for editing and uploading of the videos. Windows Moviemaker was used for editing. The editing process was made as simple as possible. The students were instructed to just leave any unnecessary part out and to add captures and voice over where appropriate.

The video production was a background for reflections based on the visits in order to decide the three points for the production as well as memorizing the visit when looking on the videos taken.

The production was also a discussion of how to communicate through the media.

The time for reflections and production were approx. 3 hours.