Migrants Health and Wellbeing in Finland

Presenter: PhD (Health Sciences) Sirpa Tuomi is Principal Lecturer in Health Promotion at JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Video-presentation based on a study on persons of Russian, Somali and Kurdish origin in Finland made by National Institute for Health and Welfare 2012. Data has been collected 2011-2012. The invitees had been living in Finland for at least one year. The results shows that there were differences in self-rated health, common public health problems and living habits.

Conclusions of this study were:

  • There is urgent need for development of immigrants’ health services, especially mental health services.
  • Immigrants’ also need health promotion measures and rehabilitation especially to prevent obesity and limitations in functional capacity and to remedy lack of exercise and possible nutritional deficiencies.
  • There is need for actions to prevent and improve the treatment of public health problems
  • It is important to support integration: to improve Finninsh or Swedish language skill and also in some groups literacy.

Castenada, A., Rask, S., Koponen, P., Mölsä, M. & Koskinen, S. (ed.)  2012. Migrant health and wellbeing. A Study on Persons of Russian, Somali and Kurdish origin in Finland. [Maahanmuuttajien terveys ja hyvinvointi. Tutkimus venäläis-, somalialais- ja kurditaustaisista Suomessa. National Institute for Health and Wellbeing (THL). Report 61/2012. Helsinki

Webpage of Migrant Health and Wellbeing Study http://www.thl.fi/en_US/web/en/projectpage?id=26066