Moodle at Jamk

Welcome to get to know Jamk Moodle as a learning environment. On this site you will find instructions and tips for the most used and demanded functionalities. Start with Instructions for a new Moodle user.

If you have questions related to Moodle, contact Jamk Helpdesk. Jamk eLearning designers help you with Moodle, as well. Follow current news on Moodle on the ICT-Helpdesk pages, Jamk Elmo intra, and Moodle login page banner.

Latest news for autumn 2023

Moodle will be updated to a new version on 1st August 2023.

The update brings a refreshed and clearer interface for both teachers and students. However, familiar functionalities are easily recognizable. With the update, navigation becomes more streamlined and course search options become more versatile. Moodle’s dashboard displaying upcoming deadlines and assignments with greater clarity. In the course area, activity and resource icons are redesigned, making them more noticeable, and their colors convey different functionalities.

During the autumn, Jamk’s instructional websites will also undergo updates. Jamk’s Moodle instructions will be revised to align with the new Moodle version during the website renovation process.

Moodle trainings for the Jamk staff are organized by the E-learning Designers of each unit. Currently, the joint trainings are in Finnish. If you wish Moodle training or guidance in English, please contact your unit’s E-learning Designer.