Instructions for writing a maturity test

The internal bulletin for the bachelor’s degree is written on a computer according to the instructions in the field under controlled conditions without supplementary materials. The instructions for writing the media release for a master’s degree are provided separately. Finnish students, who have completed their basic education and general upper secondary education in Finnish, will write maturity test in Finnish.

The length of a bulletin is 3,000 – 3500 characters (without spaces) with single spacing and 12-point font size. Write the text in good, formal style using complete sentences. Avoid specialised terminology in consideration of the broad readership. Do not use images or lists, for example. In media releases, images can be sent separately.

First, consider which results are the most interesting. What will the audience find fascinating about them?

In the first paragraph, write who did what and where, along with the most interesting results of the thesis. For example, Logistics student N.N. at JAMK University of Applied Sciences investigated in her thesis …(= who did what and where). According to the thesis, …(key result and significance or two).

Create the title based on the content of the first paragraph. Condense the usefulness of the thesis into the title in news style. For example, SMEs also benefit from new technology.

After the first paragraph, present the results more extensively. Then, give a little detail about the execution. Next, give any background information and conclude with how the results can be utilised or taken advantage of. Remember to divide the text into paragraphs.

Finally, provide a section for additional details with the information of the thesis marked according to the citation principles and the information of the writer of the thesis (name, degree programme, class, university of applied sciences) and e-mail as follows:

Further information:

Meikäläinen, M. 2015. The bulletin as the creator of a corporate image. Bachelor’s Thesis. Field of education, degree programme. Jyväskylä: JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Maija Meikäläinen, Degree Programme in Media Engineering IXY13S, JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

The thesis has been saved in the Theseus database at