The bulletin serves as a maturity test at JAMK

From the beginning of 2016, the maturity test that is a statutory part of a bachelor’s degree will be completed as an internal bulletin at JAMK. The maturity test for master’s degrees has been completed as a media release for some time now. Unless stated otherwise, the instructions on these pages apply to both types of bulletins.

The purpose of a bulletin is to be a comprehensible and interesting news item about the thesis. The target group of the internal bulletin is members of the JAMK community, the students and staff, while the media release is targeted at the media, and the reader of a news story that is written based on the media release could be anyone.

As the student writes the bulletin, he/she considers what the thesis offers and signifies and highlights his/her professional skills to the wider audience.

The bulletin is not a thesis summary; it is not relevant to present the entire thesis. Highlight new, important and interesting results of the thesis at the beginning of the bulletin – do not try to fit in everything. The structure of a bulletin is presented in Figure 1.

The structure of a bulletin

Figure 1. The structure of a bulletin