IV – How to resize group of pictures

Before resizing choose and move / copy images to another folder.

Go to Start menu -> All Programs -> Irfanview -> Irfanview 4…

When Irfanview is opened, choose File -> Batch Conversion/Rename, a new window opens:


Notice left side of new window, set value Output format: and check Use advanced options (for bulk resize…) by following image:


Press Advanced and you should see another new window:


Check RESIZE: and add value 600 (or your own choice) to Set new size


Notice, that Irfanview set height automatically due image proportions

Also set new DPI value 72 by adding it to lower left corner:


If you use images in document, which will be printed in grayscale or color information isn’t needed, check Convert to grayscale in the middle of window:


By setting images to grayscale files are reduced to 1/3 comparing to images in full color

Press OK and you should be back in previous new window. Notice top right corner:


From Look in: check path and folder where you’re copied / moved images you want to resize

Choose one picture by right-clicking your mouse, keep Ctrl button pressed from your keyboard and choose multiple images. After choosing release Ctrl button and choose Add

Hint! If you want to choose all imagesfrom folder, choose Add all

After picking images press Start Batch, new window opens and Irfanview starts to resizing

When resizing is ready, choose Exit Batch, both new windows closes. Choose File -> Exit


(c) Jyväskylän University of Applied Science, licensed under CC BY-ND-NC 1.0 FI, see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/1.0/