IV – How to resize an image

If you need images on a web page / intranet, image file size and dimensions matter.Kun käytät täysikokoista kuvaa Word-asiakirjassa, tiedoston koko saattaa kasvaa todella suureksi, etkä voi lähettää sitä esimerkiksi sähköpostin liitetiedostona If you use full-size images in Word document, file size will grow unhandled and eventually you can’t attach your document to email you have composed. Before resizing choose and move / copy images to another folder.

After that, go to Start menu -> All Programs -> Irfanview -> Irfanview 4…

When Irfanview is opened, choose File -> Open… or press yellow folder icon

Browse folder which you created before or has picture you need to resize, choose it and press Open

You should see now that image in Irfanview.

Now you can choose to keep colors in your image or convert your image to grayscale. By converting grayscale file reduces to 1/3 compared to full color. If document will be printed in grayscale, you should convert your image to grayscale. Open Image –menu from top of the program window, choose Convert to grayscale.

Open Image –menu from top of the program window, choose Resize/Resample…

You should see a new window:


Notice top left corner of new window, you should see recent image dimensions:


If you use image in web page, you should set image width between 300-600 pixels

In Set new size: there’s setting Width, add new value 600. Irfanview sets height automatically.


Press OK and new window disappears. You won’t see difference between original and resized image

Last thing to do is save resized image, choose File -> Save as…

First check path and folder where you’re going to save your resized image from Save in:


At File name: give unique name for resized image, choose PNG – Portable Network Graphics for Save as type:

Press Save and your resized image is ready to use.


(c) Jyväskylän University of Applied Science, licensed under CC BY-ND-NC 1.0 FI, see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/1.0/