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Student welfare

When studying in Finland students are required to bear the costs for their own living. Living costs in Finland are close to Western European average. The costs of student life consist mainly of accommodation, food, public transport, study materials, clothing, and leisure activities. Average monthly living costs for students are estimated to be about 750 – 1200 euros, depending on the housing, habits, and needs of an individual. International students must make sure that their incomes cover basic living costs for the entire time spent studying in Finland. Sufficient income is a prerequisite for residence permit, which has to be verified when applying for the permit. The Finnish Immigration Service has determined that in order to be granted a residence permit for studying, you must have sufficient means for studying in Finland (in practice some EUR 560/month or EUR 6,720/year) and valid health insurance with adequate coverage. Additional information.

  • housing (student accommodation) 270-500 euros + initial expenses, such as the housing deposit.
  • food 300 euros
  • bus tickets about 60 euros
  • leisure and miscellaneous expenses 100-150 euros
  • Tuition fees for students outside EU or EEA countries studying in a degree programme in English: 8000€ (bachelor) 9000€ (master). More of tuition fees

Legislation concerning tuition fees obliges institutes in higher education to charge tuition fees from students outside European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) starting their studies in English in degree programmes in Finland from August 1st 2017. JAMK UAS has set the tuition fee to 8,000 €/academic year for bachelor’s degrees and 9,000 €/academic year for master’s degrees. Read more.

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Few tips to an affordable student life

  • Apply for housing at KOAS. The rental fees of student accommodation are far more affordable than renting from the private market.
  • Survival Kit (for exchange students only) saves a significant amount of money and effort, because you don’t need to buy everything new for a short period of stay.
  • Join JAMKO. Students who have paid the membership fee and present a student card are entitled to discounts in student restaurants, public transport, leisure activities, services, and in some shops. Keep your student card at hand and remember to ask for student discounts.
  • Use second hand. Second hand shops and flea markets are popular in Finland. Finnish second hand shops sell used but good quality clothing, furniture, kitchenware and other small items. You can find great bargains for a fraction of the item’s original cost. A few shops located in the centre of Jyväskylä:
    • Fida: Tapionkatu 12, 40100 Jyväskylä
    • Centrum:  Ilmarisenkatu 2, 40100 Jyväskylä
    • UFF: Vapaudenkatu 48-50, 40100 Jyväskylä
    • Ecocenter: Sorastajantie 4, 40320 Jyväskylä (a bit further from the centre)
    • Kirpparilla: Sorastajantie 1, 40320 Jyväskylä  (a bit further from the centre)
  • Plan your travels. When you buy your train ticket weeks beforehand you might save up to 50-70 percent. If you travel a lot inside Jyväskylä, concider buying a bus card which is valid inside Jyväskylä. It is much cheaper in the long run than a one time payment everytime. Jyväskylä is also a quite compact city, so you might want to consider investing in a bike or renting one.
  • Buy together: Small packages of groceries might be relatively more expensive than the larger one’s, so it pays off to team up with friends or room mates and buy together larger quantities of food and share the expenses.
  • KOAS’ recidence committees have some tools for shared use, so it wise to check if you can lend something rather than buy.

Financial Support for Foreign Residents

Non-citizens of Finland can get financial aid for their studies in Finland, if they live in Finland on a permanent basis and for another purpose than studying. This requires that they are registered as permanent residents in the Finnish population information system. The purpose of residence in Finland is determined by reference to such matters as residence permit, registration or admission to an educational institution. If you are eligible for student financial aid from Finland, you apply it in the same way as other students. If you are in Finland for the express purpose of attending school, you are not eligible for financial aid from Finland.

The purpose of residence in Finland is determined in different ways depending on one’s nationality. Further information is available on KELA’s website.

Note! Financial aid is only for degree students but meal subsidy and discounts from bus tickets, train tickets etc. are intended for all full-time students!

Student Financial Aid

The majority of Finnish students are financially supported by the Finnish state. International students are entitled to the Finnish financial aid for students only on certain conditions.

Students meeting the general criteria for student financial aid are entitled to government financial aid for studies at a higher education institution. The criteria are as follows: admission to an educational institution, full-time studies (in bachelor’s and master’s degree education 5 ECTS credits/month and 20 ECTS credits/academic year), and the need for financial aid. Government student financial aid consists of a study grant and a government loan guarantee. The regular amount of student financial aid at the universities of applied sciences is:

Government loan guarantee is 800 euros/month for studies abroad and 300 euros/month for practical training abroad.  You will not be eligible for student financial aid in Finland if you receive student financial aid from abroad. The study grant is taxable income, and it is paid from the beginning of the month of application – not retrospectively. KELA makes the decisions whether you are entitled for student financial aid in Finland or not. If you are in higher education and receive a study grant, you will automatically be given a government loan guarantee for a student loan. After you have received favorable decision from KELA you then need to contact your own bank in Finland and agree on the terms for the loan. The amount of loan guaranteed depends on your age and what level of education you are pursuing. It is up to you to choose how much loan you wish to take out. Starting from Aug 1st a bad credit history does not necessarily prevent government loan guarantee.

Starting 1 August 2017 housing supplement is available only to those who are studying abroad or enrolled in a tuition-based programme at a folk high school or sports institute and living in the school dormitory. Starting from August 2017 students are eligible for general housing allowance, which is a subsidy that is not depended on student status or study progress. More. 

Students in higher education can apply for student financial aid online. 

Student Financial Aid AbroadSafe Piggy Bank

Student financial aid may also be granted for studies abroad, if they are part of a degree completed in Finland. To receive financial aid for studies abroad The amount of the study grant is the same as for studies in Finland, the housing supplement 210 euros/month (except for countries with a lower rent level), and government loan guarantee 800 euros/month (for studies). Financial aid for studies pursued and completed outside Finland is only available for citizens of Finland, other EU/EEA countries or Switzerland and their family members. You must have had a municipality of residence in Finland for at least 2 years out of the 5 years preceding the commencement of your studies, or you must have close ties to Finland in some other way.

Meal Subsidy

The students of the University of Applied Sciences are entitled to a reduction of 1.94 euros on meal prices at the student restaurant by showing a student card, a Kela meal bonus card, a registration certificate, or other certificate on study entitlement at a higher education institution. A warm meal in a student restaurant is between 2.60-4.50 euros for students depending on the meal option. The meal subsidy is given to students completing degree-awarding education in Bachelor or Master programmes at a Finnish university of applied sciences. In addition, students completing full-time professional or specialisation programmes or exceptional training programmes (entitled to student financial aid) are also entitled to the meal subsidy. The meal subsidy is granted at the student restaurants of Finnish universities and other universities of applied sciences as well. Exchange students are also entitled to the meal subsidy with JAMKO’s student card, the meal subsidy cards in their information packages upon arrival. Foreign degree students receive the meal subsidy cards as guided in the School specific orientation after they have begun their studies.

More information: Students services for foreign students.

For additional information about financing your studies in the study guide

More specific information and advice:
Financial Aid Committee

Ms. Irja Keralampi, +358408488605

Ms. Katja Räsänen, +358405879946

JAMK University of Applied Sciences,
Rajakatu 35, 40200 Jyväskylä


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